Asterisk IP-PBX Cloud PBX
Cloud Solutions has recently launched our Asterisk IP-PBX hosted in the Cloud. We have been asked many times for this solution so we finally put a package together and our clients have been quick to take up this offer.

We are hosting an Asterisk Instance in a global leading data centre in Asia. We organise and configure the SIP trunks which provide the connections to the publc switch or public telephone network. SIP trunks can include virtual phone numbers or can be used to simply place outgoing calls. For example, you may be based in Hong Kong and need to call Singapore often. Installing a Singapore based SIP line will provide the Hong Kong users a Singapore dial tone. In this way all your Singapore calls become local and not long-distance. 

The savings can be huge. The same can be said for anywhere in the world.  You can keep your existing telephone numbers when you move to VoIP.

To use an IP-PBX you do need to use IP based telephones. The old phones in your office cannot be used without spending more money on gateways and we recommend you do not go down that road. The leading brands that offer IP phones are generally Polycom and Cisco. However one company from China is starting to make noise in the market, and that is Yealink. They offer "quality" sound and performance at half the price of the leading brands. However if you still want the best, go no further than Polycom. I use one myself.

IPolycom IP Phonef you prefer to have an Asterisk IP-PBX on site then we use Digium's SwitchVox appliances. SwitchVox is from the Asterisk people, so is the best option for an on premise install.

Cloud Solutions can help set up your new VoIP based phone system. PBX rentals start at HK$787 per month for 10 extensions and 4 channels. SIP trunks with numbers start at HK$100 per month, phones can be purchased from HK$600 each. See our VoIP collection.

Your smart phone is also a SIP phone. This means you can use your iPhone or Android as a SIP client and receive calls from anywhere. If you are in China and someone calls your office extension then your mobile will ring. This will be an IP call. As long as your mobile is connected to a Wifi network then you are connected to your office's PBX the same as if you were in Hong Kong and at your desk.

IP phones also have much better quality voice sound than your traditional phones. HD Voice or high definiton (wide band) voice is available and once you have spoken on an HD Voice phone you will not give it up!

Call us on Hong Kong +852 3973-3848 or Singapore +65 3158-2176.

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