About Us


The Cloud Shop is owned and operated by Cloud Solutions in Hong Kong. We are focused on delivering only cloud computing technology to Hong Kong based companies. All products offered through our Cloud Shop have been tested for suitability for Cloud Computing and are in production today with our clients. With over 20 years local experience we standby all products and provide consultancy services for integration and Cloud system design to ensure your company maximises your adoption of the Cloud.


  • Founder and Lead Consultant - Andre Meyer
  • Chief Technical Director - Simon Hung 

Contact Us:

  • Tel: +852 3973 3848
  • Email: enquiry@cloudsolutions.com.hk

Cloud ready or Cloud enabled devices include:

  • Thin Client Devices
  • VoIP or IP based phones and IPPBXs
  • Cloud Ready Printers
  • Cloud Enable Access Points
  • Cloud Enabled Switches
  • Secure Firewalls and VPNs
  • Leading SaaS applications from Microsoft and Google
  • Zoho Business Applications including CRM, People, Creator and more
  • Cloud Hosted Linux or Windows 2008 R2 Servers