Fanvil X2 C01 IP Phone for Call Centers

Optimized for the hectic call center environment

  • The FANVIL C01 IP Phone was designed to be used with a headset. It is built to be convenient and easy to use, allowing call agents to easily manage and monitor calls. The E01 features the Broadcom professional IP chipset, support 3 SIP Lines. It supports SIP 2.0 and multiple road call waiting in line. It also supports voice gain setting, VAD, CNG and 4 DSS Keys. It also has a Multilanguage ability. POE is optional.
  • Support 3 SIP lines, HD voice, 3-way conference, PoE(optional), Support 2.0 and correlative RFCs, Support IAX2, Support SRTP, Supports BLF, 128×48 FSTN graphic LCD
  • HT101 Noise-cancellation earphone, ECM noise- cancellation microphone, Acoustic Shock Protection, A neodymium magnet system for accurate reproduction and balanced audio, Frequency Responses 300hz-3400hz, Low sound pressure- Less than 118db, Cord length- 2m, Bendable arms- 320 degree rotation for optimal positioning, Leatherette cushioned ear pad.


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